Please indicate the reasons you chose MASSA for yours child's education (Mark all that apply, multiple choices are allowed).

Class size / School size 74.0%
I feel it is a better quality and safer learning environment 64.4%
Unhappy with curriculum/teaching at former school, or surrounding schools 49.3%
Focus on math and sciences 49.3%
Quality of education at MASSA 47.9%
No gang activities 47.9%
Excellent communication among parents, teachers and administration 45.2%
Like the teachers/staff at MASSA 42.5%
I heard MASSA is a good school 41.1%
Opportunities for parents' involvement at MASSA 38.4%
Convenient location 37.0%
My child is advanced and MASSA supply him with harder work and advanced curriculum 37.0%
MASSA has a uniform policy 24.7%
My child wanted to go to MASSA 19.2%
Child has special needs that I feel MASSA can accommodate 15.1%
My child has a friend at MASSA 6.8%
Music program 5.5%
My child had discipline problems in previous school 1.4%

Suggestions (if from more than 1 parent) from 2009 SY Survey and response from the school on the status of the suggestion


  • Playground equipment:      

YES! Purchased and installed.


  • Introduce 6-12 grades:      

YES! 6th grade has been added for 2009-2010.


  • Smaller class size or permanent assistant for teacher in KG:     

YES! KG class is split in two.


  • Need play equipment:        

YES! Purchased and installed.


  • Library:

YES! Purchased and installed.


  • Diversify lunches: Eeges, Subways, etc.:        

YES! Lunch program is in place.


  • Guitar lessons (2nd grade):          

Will be implemented.


  • Transportation:                           

Carpooling list is available. Ask Front Office or sign-in on this site.


  • Longer after school care:              

Available up to 5:00 PM.