Clubs & Initiatives

After School Activities

Middle School

Homework Help M- Th    3:08- 3:45

Math Tutoring  M-Th      3:08-3:45

English Tutoring W- Th   3:08-3:45

Science Tutoring M –T    3:08-3:45

Martial Arts       M/W    3:45- 4:30

Gymnastics          T/TH  4:00-4:45

Science Olympiad  T       4:00- 4:45

Art Club             Th        3:08-3:45 

Yearbook              M       4:00-4:45

Drama Club           Th      4:00-4:45


Elementary School

Homework Help    M-TH    3:04-3:45

Martial Arts              M/W    4:00-4:45

Gymnastics              T/TH     4:00-4:45


Art Club                      T       3:08-3:45


Black Stallion Literacy Project

The first grade class participated in the "Black Stallion Literacy Project". The goal of the project is to motivate students to want to learn to read and read independently.

On December 1, the class was visited by a pony and had the opportunity to ask questions, pet a pony, and receive a book. The opportunity to pet the pony gave them a real connection to the story. The students then received a copy of the book, Little Black goes to School, by Walter Farley. In January, the class took a fieldtrip , called "Second Touch," where they spent the day with several horses. Centers were set up for the students to rotate and learn more about horses. At the conclusion of the fieldtrip, the students received a second book written by Walter Farley.


Student Council
MASSA Student Council was hard at work last year. They held elections towards the end of August for their officers and sponsored a successful Spirit Week full of crazy dress days and teambuilding challenges each day. Ms. Peterson's first grade class even won the spirit stick. Student Council also hosted a Rummage Sale in October. Parents were encouraged to either donate items for Student Council to sell, or to reserve a space to sell their own items. Also, there were many other events planned for Halloween as well as the fall season. This year, Student Council will be kept busy with many more exciting projects. Keep an eye out for those flyers!

Student Council meets the third Thursday of every month in Ms. Nilsson's class after school.  The Student Council creates a variety of activities and events that add to school spirit and help to shape the quality of the school community at MASSA.

The Yearbook Committee works throughout the school year to create a cherished keepsake for all students and their families.  The Yearbook includes pictures of all students and many of the events that make each year special.  The members of the committee learn the process of creating and publishing a major project for the benefit of the entire school community.


Poetry Night

Last year, we started a new Poetry Program for all students at MASSA. Students at all grade levels were encouraged to participate in this new program. The Poetry Program helps students gain practice and knowledge of poetry by memorizing two new poems each month, as well as learning about the poet's life, the history of the poem, and the feelings the poet is trying to create for the reader. The students learned a variety of poems that are appropriate for their grade level. Memorizing and enjoying poetry is an important skill that spills over into many areas of life and education. Memory and recall of information is a basic intellectual trait that is fundamental to learning. Poetry enriches literary knowledge and creative thinking. Best of all, the language and rhythms of poetry are fun to learn. Every language and culture uses poems and songs for children that are an essential part of the joy of childhood and aid in acquiring sophistication in language. Having your students share these poems with your family will increase their confidence in verbal expression and is a great way to interact with your children.

The school will host a Poetry Night every month. All families and friends are welcome to join us and share in the experience. We will post the dates on the website for Poetry Night.